About Eastlawn Records...

In 1990, my old buddy from high school, Frank Traum and I co-founded the Eastlawn label to put out a CD by the Sun Sounds Orchestra, an Afro-jazz outfit that I was then co-leading. Over the years we have released many recordings of jazz, blues, soul, and even some rock -- all with a distinctive Detroit flavor. We strive to release quality music that is less mainstream.

The name Eastlawn comes from the street in Detroit where Frank's father Emil was raised, as a tribute to him. Oddly enough, I lived on Eastlawn Street in the late 70's, so the name is somehow even more fitting.

Our goal is to release great music by great Detroit artists. Eastlawn is the home of Alberta Adams, Detroit's longtime Queen of the Blues, our biggest seller. In recent years we've been doing well with my band the Blue Four w/ Bill Heid, getting airplay nationally and lots of play on SeriusXM radio & Music Choice (Comcast). Our other top seller is the Planet D Nonet whom has also garnered airplay on Music Choice.

Now finishing our 30 year anniversary, we look back on many great recordings with more to come!

For more information on Eastlawn: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eastlawn_Records

RJ Spangler
Vice President of A&R - Eastlawn Records